Sunday, May 4, 2008

Liner notes

In his recent review of the Words Project, Budd Kopman writes:

"The Words Project raises many questions. Why these particular poems? Does listener response to them matter? What if the listener is repelled by a poem's message? What if the listener does not comprehend them at all?

Should the poems be read before listening? Should the liner notes be read while listening? Is it even possible to keep a poem in one's mind when only hearing it, especially when part of one's attention is directed towards the music? Since the music presumably came second, as settings of the words, is its function to help bring forth the poem's meaning? Then again, how can that be when the music draws attention away from the words?"

Though I am thrilled to sell copies of the record in any form (digital, hard copies, singles...), those who buy the album digitally are unfortunately missing out on the ability of being able to read the poems that the songs are based on, which I believe essential to the experience with this music. If you are like me and tend to listen to musical content over lyrical content, it is very important to have a visual when listening to vocal music, and thus I made it a point to include all the poems in the liner notes of the CD. Many people have told me over the past year how much this has enhanced the music, and it saddens me a bit that those who bought the record digitally are not experiencing this.

If there is anybody who has bought the album online and wishes to have a copy of the poems, please contact me through the site and I will be happy to send you a PDF containing them.

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