Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Words Project II

Words Project II has been selected as one of the best CD's of 2008 by Richard Kamins, who writes for the Hartford Courant. Click here to see the actual write-up.

Words Project II- Sam Sadigursky (New Amsterdam Records) - Multi-instrumentalist Sadigursky (who excels on saxophones and clarinet) creates intricate yet accessible musical backgrounds for this collection of 10 poems. The scope of the verses range from the sublime (Sadi Ranson Polizotti's "Such Fruit - The Ritual") to the forceful (Dunya Mikhail's "The War Works Hard") to the ridiculous ( a musical setting for Miss Teen USA contestant's Caitlin Upton's answer to a question about finding the United States on a world map.) The music is not loud but has much force and never fails to complement the words. You really need to listen to this CD a number of times to take it all in, to hear how the rhythm section dictates the flow on many tracks and how the textures can be so rich (for instance, the blend of clarinet, accordion and banjo on "The Dream Keeper" and Bill Campbell's exquisite cymbal work underneath on the same track.) There's plenty of music to be found in this project and it's quite good. For more information, go to www.samsadigursky.com.

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