Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Sixth Annual Encounter of Colombian Musicians

This Sunday at Highline Ballroom I'll once again be exploring my secret indigenous South American roots at the annual Encuentro, which has proven more extraordinary with each year. This year it will feature over one hundred different musicians over the course of ten hours. I'll be performing with Tibagui, Folklore Urbano, Diego Obregon, and La Cumbiamba.

Here's the info from Pablo and Anna Mayor followed by the schedule:

The time has finally arrived! Our "VI Encuentro" (6th Annual Encounter of Colombian Musicians in NY) is this Sunday, June 14th, at the renowned High Line Ballroom in Manhattan.
For those not familiar with the event, it is an all day/night festival of Colombian music-10 hours to be exact, 20 bands. It is a special evening (families welcome) that will keep you on the edge of your seats (and hopefully up on the dance floor!)....The program will take you from the intimate songs of Lucía Pulido and Marta Gómez, to an all-out dance celebration of Folklore Urbano and La Cumbiamba eNeYe, to awe at the virtuosity of Samuel Torres on percussion and Edmar Castañeda on harp. You will hear African music from the Pacific coast, guitar/tiple music from the Andes, harp from Los Llanos (the Plains region), Cumbia and Vallenato from the Caribbean, in styles from jazz to traditional to singer-songwriter---all influenced by Colombian rhythms and song. Folklore Urbano will be performing at about 6:45pm. See details that follow, including a full schedule. ***Purchase tickets ahead so you are assured admission! $12 tickets for children under 10 at the door

THIS Sunday, June 14th, 2pm-12am
VI Annual Encounter of Colombian Musicians in NY
VI Encuentro de Músicos Colombianos en NY
The High Line Ballroom
431 W. 16th St. (bt/n 9th and 10th Ave) in Manhattan
Subway: A,C,E to 14th St.
easy street parking since it's SUNDAY!
to purchase tickets ahead: Ticket web: 866.468.7629/Nuestro Ticket (español) 201.633.1152

2pm Welcome
2:05pm Nilko Andreas Guarín
2:33 Gallo-Florez Duo
3:01pm Johanna Castañeda
3:29pm Hector Martignón
3:57pm Daniel Reyes y Parias Ensamble
4:17pm Diego Obregón
4:45pm Rebolú
5:13pm Tibaguí
5:41pm Fidel Cuellár
6:09pm Marta Gómez
6:37pm Presentación formal del Encuentro
6:52pm Folklore Urbano
7:20pm La Cumbiamba Eneye
7:48pm Lucía Pulido
8:16pm Sebastián Cruz
8:44pm Andrés Garcia
9:12pm Daniel Correa and the Crazy Rhythm Orchestra
9:40pm Harold Gutierrez
10:08pm Gregorio Uribe Big Band
10:36pm Samuel Torres
11:04pm Andrea Tierra
11:32pm Edmar Castañeda

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