Sunday, November 22, 2009

local shame

Sad to find out that a bunch of popular restaurants in Park Slope (my former hood) have been caught using some questionable labor practices. Thanks to Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn for putting this up.

25 Park Slope Restaurants Cited/Fined for Labor Violations

Many favorite Park Slope restaurants are on the list released by the State Department of Labor Department yesterday. 25 Brooklyn restaurants owe at least $910,000 in unpaid wages to more than 200 workers.

In Park Slope, state inspectors found that workers make as little as $2.75 an hour way below state minimum wage of $7.25. They found that delivery workers earn $210 to $275 a week for 60 to 70 hours of work.

Of the 25 restaurants cited, 12 restaurants paid back the wages while 13 other restaurants are still in negotiations to pay back the wages.

Park Slope Restaurants With Violations

The following restaurants are negotiating a resolution for payment:
Aunt Suzie's Restaurant
Bagel World
Bogota Latin Bistro
Coco Roco
Joe's Pizza
Marcho Corp's Cholita
Olive Vine Cafe (two locations)
Rachel's Taqueria
Uncle Moe's

Here's the link to the Daily News article that ran the story.

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