Sunday, August 15, 2010

Etudes II

I'm pleased to announce that my second book of clarinet etudes is now available at and

Bass clarinetist Michael Lowenstern will be recording the etudes over the next year or so in order to eventually sell them in PDF form at Earspasm. Right now you can purchase the hard copy of the book from his website.

This is what the critics are saying:

Sam Sadigursky's etudes are a significant and welcome addition to the clarinet study repertoire. These marvelous etudes combine traditional technical exercises with a contemporary flare and vocabulary. They are challenging for the serious clarinetist and are a wonderful tool to increase not only virtuosity but musicianship as well! I have started to use them with my students at Michigan State with much success! - Caroline Hartig, acclaimed soloist and recording artist

I love these etudes! They’re obsessive, concentrated, and right on point. They grip onto important musical and technical issues without ever letting go. They’re challenging, but the real challenge is mastering the musicality in them. If the familiar clarinet etudes are the meal, Sadigursky has just given us the espresso….
- Andrew Sterman, Phillip Glass Ensemble

Sam Sadigursky's characterful etudes are so well crafted and musically creative
that they make me want to practice them! My students at the University of
Delaware love them, and they target many problem areas in clarinet technique.
A great addition to the etude repertoire!
- Marianne Gythfeldt, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Zephyros Winds

These etudes are essential for the advancing clarinetist. The greatest bore in an etude is laboring and solving a problem of technique without a satisfying musical result. . . Sam's etudes manage to reveal the wonderful possibilities in reaching new levels of ability. The pieces are harmonically compelling, lyrical, and often witty. Concise but never narrowly conceived... This one's staying on the stand; I can't recommend it highly enough. - Peter Hess, Balkan Beat Box, Slavic Soul Party

Clarinetists will delight in these charming, graceful ├ętudes, filled
with unexpected harmonic twists and turns
. - Derek Bermel, clarinetist/composer/conductor

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