Thursday, July 16, 2009

Against Doctor's Orders

I do intend to get back to writing actual posts before the summer is over (a few ideas are starting to brew again), but for the meantime the blah blah blog will continue to be YouTube videos and shameless self promotion.

Darcy James Argue has shown me something to truly aspire to with this:

(This is so good that it can't be embedded. Trust me, it's worth the click)

Jokes aside, the CD this comes from the album Silhouette, which I was a proud owner of early on. In fact, I was obsessed with it. Thankfully, the Charlie Parker Greatest Hits album won out in the long run, but I can't say I don't owe Kenny G(orelick) anything. I still remember bringing my rented soprano saxophone to summer camp (in fact, it was Jewish summer camp, appropriately enough) and playing the title track (learned by ear, thank you) in the talent show. Thankfully, that has yet to surface on YouTube, and no I never cured any cancers or performed any miracles with my performance.

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sergiosalvatore said...

Nice! Let's get that summer camp footage out from the archives! Perhaps you haven't yet been able to cure any diseases with your playing, but what about turning people from Black & White into living Technicolor when they look at you? Surely that's on your resume... :-)