Thursday, July 23, 2009

Keith + Ethan

Ethan Iverson did an interview with Keith Jarrett for BBC Radio that will be up for a week. It's great to hear Keith interviewed by another musician (a pianist nonetheless), and there are some great musical tracks on the program too, particularly some recent solo concerts that I'm not familiar with. Go here to listen to it.


Adam said...

i find it a little strange that ethan only mentioned the European Quartet once, and only to disparage them. they were a model of group cohesion and dynamics in contrast to the opposing personalities of the American Quartet. Both groups were great for different reasons, and i probably prefer the American Quartet overall, but i find it odd that he doesn't seem to recognize the musicality of the European group..."my song" is a masterpiece and the other albums are wonderful too.

samsadigursky said...

I think Ethan meant to highlight some of Keith's more overlooked work, and thus delved much more into the American Quartet, which received far less recognition than the European Quartet. No doubt the European Quartet did some great things. "Personal Mountains" is definitely my favorite record of theirs.